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Our retail assets form a large and growing portfolio, today encompassing approximately 15 million square feet of real estate. IRC shopping centers are in a multitude of communities across the Central U.S. and we now have a presence in the Southeast. As a commercial real estate owner, we are mindful of the role we play within these communities. We are focusing on three key enterprises to maximize operations and enhance investor value.


Our employees are essential to our success. We offer rewarding career opportunities for talented and committed individuals interested in joining the IRC team. The Company provides a collaborative work environment as well as opportunities for training and professional development. We empower employees to achieve their goals and contribute to the success of IRC Retail Centers.

The Environment

Our team is establishing practices at our shopping centers designed to create valuable efficiencies. These innovative applications are preserving natural resources while maintaining or improving asset quality and reducing operating costs. We are focused on energy and water conservation as well as recycling at all of our properties. For example, our landscaping practices conserve water through the use of competitively priced indigenous plants, which can survive on natural rainfall. For new construction and tenant build-outs, we use energy efficient HVAC, lighting, insulation and roofing materials, and recycle demolished materials. In addition, with our redevelopment projects, we adapt existing infrastructure as much as possible to minimize waste and the need for new materials. We believe these practices benefit our business as well as the environment.

Social Responsibility

Our shopping centers are in urban areas like Chicago and neighborhoods like Mankato, Minn. and Fairview Park, Ohio. We believe our presence carries with it a responsibility to support these communities. When repositioning an asset we routinely hire and purchase materials from the area, which helps the local economy. Leasing to high performing retailers opening new stores in our markets can lead to job creation as well. In addition, we are active with community non-profit groups that provide food, everyday essentials, counseling and other services within our markets. Our team continually seeks opportunities to enhance our role within IRC communities. This, we believe, will further strengthen our brand and reputation.


The Company has established policies and procedures which provide transparency for our investors and mandate ethical behavior for the corporation and our employees. We have assembled a talented team of employees who are essential to our success. We provide a collaborative work environment as well as opportunities for training and professional development.In we launched an employee intranet. This communications portal will keep all team members fully informed on IRC news and activities, and connect them to organizational opportunities such as volunteering.

We have made a team-wide commitment to corporate social responsibility. We are approaching this in a thoughtful and strategic way on both an asset and corporate level. Within the framework of these three enterprises, Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance, we are putting in place best practices to advance the success of our company, employees, tenants, partners and the communities in which we operate.

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