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Retailer FAQ’s

What methods of payment are available for paying my rent?

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH- electronic payment)   Click Here to submit your request to the AR team. Please provide your company name, property name and lease number, if available, and the banking information will be provided.
  • Mailing your payment to the lockbox designated on your monthly statement
  • COMING SOON – Online payment available through IRC’s tenant portal


How do I obtain a copy of my invoice?

  • Your monthly statement is available on our tenant portal.
  • For a copy to be sent to you, please send a request to our Accounts Receivable Team by Clicking Here


The employee who logged in to the tenant portal has left the company. How do I change our login information?

  • Click Here to contact our Accounts Receivable team and they will provide you with the necessary information to login to view your statement.


I am a new tenant to the center.  Are my invoices mailed?

  • Invoices are mailed to all new tenants for the first three billing cycles along with a tenant portal letter that provides you will instructions on accessing the tenant portal. After this, statements will only be available online through the tenant portal.


I am a new tenant at the center and I need a W-9 before I can process any payments.  How can I obtain a copy?

  • Click Here to email your request including your company name, and property name to our Accounts Receivable team and they will provide you the correct W-9.


Where can I access my statements electronically?


When is my monthly statement available?

  • Your monthly statement is available at any time, but is updated monthly by the 25th of the month or the last business day before the 25th.


What is included on my monthly statement?

  • Any outstanding balance on your account as of the 25th of each month or the last business day prior to the 25th. Charges due on the first for the following month.


What payments are included on the monthly statement that is available on the 25th?

  • Payments received at our bank by the 23rd of the month are reflected in the statement available on the 25th.


I need to change my billing address. How do I do that?

  • You can do that here on our website. Click here to be redirected to that page.
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