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Small Business owners are my heroes.  They are gutsy, stubborn, focused and generally very, very smart.  It takes a lot to succeed with a business venture.  The statistics are everywhere…  The Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that 30% of new businesses fail in the first two years.  And 50% fail in the first five years.  […]

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Very often, the best advice we’ve seen comes from those in the “trenches,” the folks who day-in-day-out with different clients and their variety of goals to help achieve the most effective posts, tweets, pins and newsletters to engage more customers (which increases sales when the experience within the shop is stellar, like in these examples).  Did […]

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When times are good for your small business, you don’t think much about ways to improve.  That’s not a bad thing – it’s a chance to enjoy the success of your hard work.  It’s a big part of why you opened your own gig. However… When things aren’t going as well; when you aren’t hitting […]

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