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Categories: Retail Growth

Today we’re taking time to share some advice from a Great Clips franchisee, Alice Madeja. Alice owns 3 Great Clips locations, and two are in our shopping centers. She’s been successful for more than 17 years, so we think she’s pretty savvy at small business success. Here’s her #1 tip for new business owners, regardless […]

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Categories: Uncategorized

Street Credibility – sort of a lovefest for customer/small business owner that results in strong sales. That’s where customers love your offerings, enjoy the environment you create for their shopping experience, and appreciate how easy you make it for them to stay in touch and stay on their radar. Here’s 5 quick tips to building […]

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Successful retail relies on a concise, consistent vision. Once you know what you are, that vision drives your brand message and helps guide customer loyalty for your offerings. Clear vision is really important for restaurants. With more Americans eating away from home than ever before, whilst demanding higher standards of taste, decor, presentation, service… it’s no […]

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Categories: Trends

The more we work with independent business owners, the more we enjoy predicting where different industries will head in the future. We’re so curious about…  What becomes a fad?  What has staying power? What drives entrepreneurs to push their concept to the top? Why do some ideas that seem so great fade out? We loved […]

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