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Last month, the National Retail Federation (NRF) held Retail’s BIG Show (no really, that’s the name of the event) for four days in New York. The name is fitting; it’s four full days of inspiring speakers, leaders of retail large and small, and industry experts (think marketing, market research and technology) imparting great nuggets of information that […]

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Today marks the first in a monthly series of guest posts by Angel Cicerone, founder of and noted small business advisor, author, and turnaround maverick.  Angel’s articles will feature advice and real life strategies to get your business to its profitability potential.  IRC is proud to feature her content, and a special offer, below. One of the […]

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As we meet with small business retailers, we often talk about marketing efforts; what’s being done to reach out to customers that actually engages them and entices them to shop and purchase.  For example, it’s one thing to have a database of 10,000 customers who’ve visited/purchased/dined with you.  That’s a great start!  But…  Why do […]

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