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Last Impressions are #1

Here’s the most recent monthly installment by Angel Cicerone, founder of and noted small business advisor, author, and turnaround Angel_Sitting_Blue_Dressmaverick.  Angel’s articles will feature advice and real life strategies to get your business to its profitability potential.  IRC is proud to feature her content, and a special offer, below.  Enjoy the read!

Much is made of the importance of first impressions; the vibe a potential customer gets when first entering your store or restaurant. Just as important, but often neglected, is the critical importance of the last few minutes of your customer’s visit. These are the memories they’ll take with them and a bad ending could conceivably counterbalance even a great experience.

Here are some tips to motivate your customers to walk out the door singing your praises.

  • Reinforce the sale
    • Be sure to congratulate the customer on their purchase
    • “You’re going to love this


  • Make the customer feel great about their decision to buy from you
    • “This will definitely solve your problem.”
    • “You made a great choice.”


  • A seamless checkout process
    A cluttered cash wrap… a bumbling sales person… a long line… or in the case of a restaurant, a wait to pay your check… are at best, an annoyance and at worst, a deal breaker.


  • The wrap up
    No matter what type of store you own, the way you present your product to take home is your final chance to brand and delight. How are you sending your brand message home with a customer? Are your receipts attractive and easy to read? Do they clearly indicate the items purchased, your return policy and your contact information? Is your packaging memorable with logos visible?


  • Follow up opportunity
    Use the checkout process as an opportunity to collect an email for future marketing, a referral or to learn more about the customer and their shopping needs. Make it a personal moment.


  • Thank you
    Don’t forget to thank the customer and invite them to come back. It seems so obvious but you can’t imagine how often this key step is missed, especially during busy times.


Creating a memorable last impression can deliver the best return on investment– a loyal customer!



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