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November 26, 2016… The Day-after-the-day-after-Thanksgiving is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY.

Are you ready?

As “black Friday” becomes more and more diluted (and hence less incentive for consumers to get out and shop right after Thanksgiving), Shop Small Saturday, sponsored by American Express, is actually increasing momentum for indie retailers as shoppers head out to celebrate their neighborhood shops and kick off the holiday season by the masses.  Don’t miss this opportunity to nab your share of holiday spending.

Stumped for promotional ideas to stay on the cutting edge?  2 suggestions.

Check out the official Shop Small Saturday site to get free marketing tools and ideas.   You can also see how this nationwide event has grown in the history section of the website for inspiration.

A quick read, packed with helpful ideas

A quick read, packed with ideas

Need a cheat sheet for fast, free ideas?  We’ve got you covered there, too, with a free e-book from small business evangelist Angel Cicerone.

Eleven ridiculously simple and free things you can do to improve holiday sales! is a compilation of easy-to-implement strategies that cost little or nothing but will effectively differentiate you from the crowd and help you avoid heavy discounting. In just 10 minutes you’ll learn tips for creating your own signature holiday, how to use kids to drive traffic , merchandising tricks that can help you sell more, a sure-fire method for inspiring employees to sell, sell, sell and other ideas for extending your holiday sales momentum!

A 10-minute investment for 11 legit and prosperous ideas to increase sales, at no cost?  Sign us up.  You can sign up here, too.

It’s FREE! To get yours, click here.

What are you doing to entice shoppers and increase sales this holiday season?  Tell us.  We’ll post the creative and outstanding ideas.





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