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Touch, Pass or Connect? Super Bowl Sunday.

As we meet with small business retailers, we often talk about marketing efforts; what’s being done to reach out to customers that actually engages them and entices them to shop and purchase.  For example, it’s one thing to have a database of 10,000 customers who’ve visited/purchased/dined with you.  That’s a great start!  But…  Why do they love you?  It’s all about the love.  If you can’t tell them why they should love you, you probably don’t know what you stand for.  And that’s your mission, and that’s key.  How can they tell all their friends why your retail location is great, if you can’t spell it out, either?

This all began when my office colleagues started talking about the Super Bowl this Sunday.  Yes, I’m excited to see if Peyton Manning will announce his retirement, and I’m curious if he will cry during/after the game, but as a PR/Marketing professional, I really love the commercials.  I love seeing what the major brand leaders do when the stakes are high and they need to realize a big impact from their multi-million dollar ad spot.  Most of us couldn’t afford the air time if we pooled all of our marketing budgets together (yes, it is $5 Million for 30 seconds), let alone produce a commercial compiled by someone other than our college nephew.  So to watch what the “big guys” do gives a perspective of trends and new ideas.  Super Bowl commercials are what everyone talks about for the few days following the game.  They generate lots of talk.  Do they generate activity?  Convert purchasing decisions?  Less likely.

Steve Dennis, a leading retail innovator, recently blogged about how to engage customers – in a way that hit home to me as we work with indie retailers.  Reach is not impact.  Think about it – Reach.  Is.  Not.  Impact.  If you e-blast all of your customers, but if those customers don’t care about your message, there’s no benefit.  You’ve simply touched them.  Maybe nudged them.  What can you do to actually  connect with them, and grab their hearts?  Check out Steve’s blog.

If you have examples of what you’ve done to connect on a deeper level with customers, share it here.  We all want to know!

And if you were excited to see some Super Bowl commercial previews, here’s more on that.  Enjoy.

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