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Wisdom Wednesday

Life is a journey, and we learn as we go.  Read on, #smallbiz warriors!  warriorFor the entrepreneurs of the world, nothing is more true than the learning process – being prepared, anticipating emergencies, working through surprises, and celebrating the successes, regardless of how large or small.  Along the way over the past few years, we’ve learned from some of the best small business owners across the country – many of whom happen to be located in IRC Retail Centers.  During this Small Business Week, we honor these small business heroes and share their words of wisdom, partnered with some of the bigger names in commerce.

Salesforce recently published “Secrets of the Most Productive Salespeople.”  We love it when internationally renowned thought leaders present outstanding advice that dovetails with that of our own small biz owners.  Here’s how that looks.

1. Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, says “Life is short, work with people you enjoy.” We agree it makes sense that relationship building is easier with people you like.  But you’re busy. How to find them?

Alice Medeja

Alice Medeja

Alice Madeja, owner of multiple Great Clips locations for more than 18 years, suggests finding such people by networking; “Join your local chamber, women’s organization or small business group. Getting involved with your local biz community opens doors to new folks you’ll possibly need help from in the future.”


2. According to Dionne Kasian-Lew, CEO of Social Executive, Speaker and Author; “Connect with people who both agree and disagree with you, invite challenge, stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, work with your own rhythm.”


Monique Trosper

Monique Trosper

IRC retailer Monique Trosper, owner of the Merle Norman day spa at Shoppes at Hickory Creek, suggests you start collecting a group by networking.  She has advice for approaching a group you don’t know, following up and even the way to enter the venue, all captured here in this earlier post.  It’s good stuff.


3.  “Focus on one thing at a time,” says Alice Myerhoff, author and business development exec.

Susie Kizer

Susie Kizer

Omaha, NE entrepreneur Susie Kizer, who opened Fabulous Fashions at Shoppes at Grayhawk just over one year, has experienced quick success by doing just that.  Susie and her team established a strong fashion sensibility, attracted the right target market and created a strong social media presence, but overall they consistently focus on customer service.  Susie tells a great story of going the extra mile for a regular customer, only to be rewarded by the happy recipient’s husband.  But that’s simply the way of doing business at Fabulous Fashions.  “We’ve created a culture of service. The fashions are great, but what the staff and I bring is the personal perspective… we get to know our shoppers, and can help them select pieces that they’ll love,” says Kizer.  See more in the original post.


4. “I am not attached to being perfect but more attached to making something happen,” says Josiane Feigon, president of TeleSmart Communications.


Bushra Jawed

Any small business owner knows this isn’t easy.  We all want perfect.  But how to get there?  Bushra Jawed, first time business owner of Bushra’s Beauty Bar at St. James Crossing, enlisted some help when she knew she needed an edge.  “With the IRC team, I was able to identify key performance indicators and marketing ideas to help me align my business.”

And you thought we were going to present advice on business plans and investors and mission statements, right?  Fear not.  That stuff is the foundation for building success, and this advice is what cements your efforts.  Hey.  Have you found a nugget of advice that keeps you moving up the ladder of success?  Tell us.  We want to know!


Fabulous In Omaha
Monique Trosper